2nd July of 2011

IHTool, Image Hijack Tool.
It can solve some image hijack problems caused by viruses and
can shield programs you do not want to run.
It also can frighten people who run the 'Not want it to run' programs now.
Maybe need 'Run as administrator'.

What's new?

  • 1、Point files to system tips
  • 2、Get authorities in Registry automatically
  • 3、Run alone
  • 4、Refactor codes and support multi languages(choose
  • Fix bugs:
  • 5、If choose all the items in the Recycle Bin, will unable to remove.
  • 6、When you are choosing files and then you cancel, the file will be still chosen.
  • 7、No com files.


Full version(With controls, for normal users)
Download:Server1 Server2 Server3

Lite version(Without controls, for higher users)
Download:Server1 Server2 Server3
Source code:Google Code

File size:

Full 693KB,Lite 152KB

Shunt download


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